CCAR Charities Inc. 

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The Calaveras County Association of Realtor's CCAR Charities Corporation is a 501c(3) and all donations for the Calaveras County Butte Fire victims will go 100% to those fire victims. We have been in operation since Jan 2006 and hit the ground right away when the we were asked to be one of the agencies at the CLAC event down at the Gov. Center. At that event we registered folks so we would know what they needed, provided free credit reports so they could apply for rentals and also we provided proof that they owned property in the burn area which they needed to apply with FEMA. We gave out over $8,000 in gift cards at the CLAC event. Then at the request of Senders, we set up outside their store last Friday register and give more gift cards and also were in the park that weekend. We assisted Common Grounds Senior Services when a group of frail seniors needed a better location than a cot in an evac center and about 15 or so of them were taken to a private center in Arnold. We also made a donation to Common Grounds because they had to house some seniors in a motel and ran out of funds. We purchased a refrigerator that week for a senior who Common Grounds relocated to her home where the power had been off and the refrigerator was ruined because of the molding food. Nothing big and dramatic but all needed. We have managed to locate 5 travel trailer donations so far and hope we can find more. We set up a gofundme site but prefer checks because the Realtors are paying the 8% fees that gofundme charges